3 Powerful Positive Practices for Releasing Fear

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times.” In my travels, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of people who are wishing the times weren’t quite so interesting! “Interesting” is a term that for so many people means fear, and this saddens me, as fear prevents you from living your best life. Detaching from fear allows you to step into your “bigger self” into a place of love and appreciation, and that’s going to benefit both you and other people. As the Joy Strategist, I’ve come up with a few ways you can stop the fear, release your stress, start experiencing love and living life from your “bigger self” perspective.

Puppy appreciation raises your vibration!

Tap into APPRECIATION & LOVE – Do you label fear as something bad? Fear is an indicator that you are not centered, or feeling love, and it creates a bunch of stress. When you’re stuck in a fear place, notice what you’re feeling, without any judgment, and gently shift your focus to thoughts of appreciation and love. Quickly jot down 10 things you have to be grateful for, and really feel the appreciation. Appreciation and love are the same for all intensive purposes (think about it!). Fear can’t exist while you’re feeling love, thus true appreciation and love can get you back on track and feeling good. You can tap into love whenever you have a loving thought, or a thought of appreciation. The more loving thoughts, the higher your vibration will be. Ask yourself, “How can I experience more love in my life?” and let the answers flow into your mind. Deliberately choose thoughts of love, gratitude and appreciation whenever possible.

Create a new story – Do you tell yourself the same old fear based stories out of habit? “I’m not good enough to do this,“This never turns out well,” and “I always get hurt” are common mantras that keep you steeped in fear and stress, and prevent you from moving forward. Ask yourself, “What if it’s not true? What if I could simply change my thoughts to create a different outcome? How would I like it to look?” You’ve programmed yourself to believe the old story based on fear, and it’s keeping you small and contracted. You are a powerful being, with the ability to choose a new story with a different outcome. Tackle the old beliefs one by one and recreate your life.

Focus on the positive – Fear is a thought pattern that arises from feeling lack. Lack of power, lack of self esteem, and lack of self worth often engender a fear of being exposed to others. Get quiet, breathe deeply, and imagine yourself expanding in size until you are bigger than the universe. From this larger perspective, imagine you are filled with a pure, golden light of pure love, and that you feel good about yourself. Make a list of 10 positive things that you appreciate about yourself. Keep the list handy and read it often.
Fear keeps you vibrating at a very low level. Let your intention always be to keep as high a vibration as possible. Remember, when you’re vibrating at a higher level, magic starts to happen. Letting go of fear is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the world because your bigger self steps up, and you become the light you were born to be. In the absence of fear and stress, and in the presence of your bigger self, you’ll find empowerment and the courage to follow your intuition. This means you’re now living the authentic life you’re here to live. Your stepping into being your highest, most loving self, encourages other people to live more authentically. Release judgment, tap into love, create a new story and shift your perspective, so nothing will stop you from stepping out in a big way. Your world is waiting!

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  1. Thank you, MarBeth, for this great guest blog! Look forward to working with you more in the future! Catherine

  2. Love MarBeth’s work. Thanks Catherine. I look at fear as an indicator too. And I ask myself, “Is this fear leading to danger or growth?” That simple question makes it so easy to move forward toward growth. Both type of fears feel the same in the body so this distinction has really made a difference for me and my clients.

  3. Thanks for that clarification, Marilyn. I also use fear as an indicator — “is this just out of my comfort zone?” That’s where the growth occurs! Also, Jack Canfield taught me to define that fear as “unfamiliar” instead of fear, or “anticipation!”

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