Beach bliss!

Don’t hate me – I just returned from a fabulous all-inclusive, sun-soaked vacation in Mexico.  A friend’s daughter’s wedding provided the excuse and the venue, and we happily complied! As I was laying on the beach waiting for my next margarita, I pondered the de-stressing effects of vacations. 

The biggest challenge to using destination vacations as a stress-reduction strategy is the bookend of stress known as travelling – I’ve seen MANY people in airports who do not enjoy travelling (heads were popping off, children exploding, not pretty!).  So if this is you, do yourself and everyone else a favour and just stay home.  I personally use travelling as a Zen-test – if I can stay calm while blue-faced screamers are seated near me on the airplane (thank God for noise-cancelling headphones!), or when my delicates are being tossed by an overzealous border Nazi, then I can stay calm anytime, anywhere, which is really what this stress-to-bliss journey is about for me!

Vacations can be wonderful opportunities to unwind and UNPLUG!  I think the latter is really important, although I did have two computers (haven’t totally switched over to my new iPad yet) and two cell phones with us (didn’t turn them on – okay it was because we couldn’t get cell service).  The societal demand to constantly stay in touch via electronics has allowed some great online friendships but has also added to the stress I perceive as lack of time and space.  A regular “unplugging” break is incredibly energizing – I dare you to try it, even for the weekend (remember when we didn’t have Blackberrys, iPhones, Facebook or Twitter? Alas, I’m dating myself).

Vacations also provide an opportunity to recharge your relationships.  While relationships can sometimes be stressful, ultimately relationships are the stuff of life, and our friends and family can be our bedrock when we are stressed.  What have you done lately to recharge your relationships?  Relaxing on the beach this week with our friends filled my joy cup (not just with margaritas!).  I know our relationships are stronger and deeper because of this time together.  Reconnecting with my husband, walks on the beach, time spent planning our lives, talking without a television in the background, was the best part of the holiday.  Our challenge now is to keep that going back here in the “real” world.

I LOVE beach vacations, and we are already planning our next one!  They are part of my stress-reduction arsenal – although we may not be able to live on the beach (still working on that!), we can access our memories and photographs whenever we need to find our happy place – that AH moment to catch our breath!

Tell me how you like to relax on vacation.  My hubby likes to golf and fish, and I love to spa (yes, it’s a verb now!).  What vacation moment can YOU draw on when you need a distraction from stress?


  1. Great article and yes I totally agree that one must embrace ALL that is associated with the destination. In life, our journey may be stressful in some ways yet we ask, are you willing to pay the price to get to your destination? Thanks for a fun and blissful twist on the “travels” whether it be for a vacation or for life. Appreciate your contributions from stress to bliss! Jodi Nicholson, Success Coach

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