New Year`s Resolutions

How many times in the past have I made resolutions only to break them within the still-new days of January? Too many to count.  I know too well the self-flagellation and self-hatred that follows. What strange spirit compels us to want to improve ourselves as the new year dawns?  And why does our resolve fade before the month does?

In his book, “Change or Die” author Alan Deutschman followed two groups of heart patients.  These patients had experienced heart attacks or bypass operations, and were told that they either had to change their lifestyles or die.  In the first group, nine out of ten people were unable to either make or sustain these changes, even when the alternative was death.  So what chance do we have to keep resolutions without such dire consequences?  The second group he followed were able to integrate healthy lifestyle choices into their lives.  What was the difference?  Deutschman identified three keys:  relate, repeat, and reframe.  Essentially support, repetition and changing your thinking.

Implementing these keys could be as simple as hiring a coach for support, whether that’s a personal trainer or business/life coach, to keep you accountable and help you stick with your resolutions.  Repetition of course means replacing old habits with new, more successful habits to reach your goals.  An example of reframing is to change the way you think of healthy eating from “diet,” which has a negative connotation, to “choosing healthy, organic foods that nourish your body.”

Be sure to check out our New YOU Resolutions workshop in January if you’d like to keep your resolutions this year and making 2012 the best year of your life!

Do you make resolutions every year?  How successful have you been in sticking to them?  I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. I don’t know of anybody who doesn’t strglgue with their diet to some degree. It may be their love for chocolate, bread or whatever that is too strong and therefore they eat it too often or too much of it.The above applies to me personally too. It helps not to have too much of chocolate, bread and a few other items that I just can’t seem to get enough of around the house. I find that having other foods that I still like but eat them without too much passion and that are healthy makes me forget about the favorite stuff.So called low fat products are indeed usually worse health-wise than the natural form. Chemicals. fillers, artificial sweeteners, flavor enhancers and so on more than make up for the badness of the fat that is taken out.

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