Procrastination Slayer

To walk or not to walk, that is the question. Or maybe the question really should be, to reach my goals or not reach my goals? Why do I continue to procrastinate and not do what I said I was going to do to reach my goals? I’m not afraid of a little 30 minute walk on the treadmill, so why does it torment my mind so? What will it take for my morning walks to become automatic instead of a struggle? What am I making more important than keeping my word to myself? I could come up with valid excuses, but instead, I will go get my gear on and get it done! The self-loathing is so yesterday – I want to enjoy my journey and celebrate my successes. I do not want to keep retracing my steps on the same health program year after year. I want to step into the woman I know I can be, and use my mental and physical energy to reach new heights, not to spin my wheels in procrastination.

I’ve been looking for the answers outside of me — a book, magic pill, accountability partners, or some super-hero — The Procrastination Slayer! But now I realize that the answers have been inside of me all along. I AM the Procrastination Slayer! I need to dig down inside, ask the questions, and deal with the answers — what has been holding me back? I pray it is something more mysterious and glamourous than just laziness! Stay tuned!

What do YOU procrastinate about?


  1. Moderation is the fourth qiatuly of goodness. Nothing should be pushed so far that it becomes a wrong. Moderation is a guide for living life and letting the individual know what is right. In selecting a career, an individual must know, in terms of moderation, his or her capabilities. Sometimes people enter an occupation because they inherit it, because of connections, or on a whim. Each person should step back and ask what career he or she is best suited for before making a decision. The highest calling is public service. Those who would pursue a career in public service must be certain they possess the qualities for leadership of the nation. A good leader is not vindictive and does not enter public service for self-interest, self-aggrandizement, or partisanship. Public serve should be a noble and pure undertaking. The public servant must always act with moderation.

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