Stress Strategy: Recharge your Batteries

Do you know those people who seem to go, go, go all the time? Are you one of them? I used to be, until I got so burned out that I became physically ill. That one was one of several wake-up calls I received from the universe, and one of the things that made me realize that I had to change — or die.

I recently saw a friend who looked a lot like the old me. She was putting on a brave face, promoting her business, laughing and joking. But when no one was looking, I saw the truth — falling asleep when the speaker was delivering her presentation and she thought no one was looking, dark circles under her eyes, and a pervasive sense of pure fatigue.

Why do we do this to ourselves? What drives us so hard that we literally run ourselves into the ground? For me it was the need for approval, disguised as ambition. I suspect it is the same for her, but she’s not ready to hear this yet. She still prides herself on her superhuman stamina and ability to work 24/7. But as a survivor of the superwoman syndrome, I see the storm clouds gathering behind her eyes.

Although I changed my career and my lifestyle to prevent this from happening, old habits die hard. Seeing this friend was another reminder that I don’t want to go back to that burned-out state. So after a VERY busy week, I have decided to work at half-steam for the next two days. This would have been impossible for the old, driven me. But although change was difficult (up until now), I’m not finding it at all difficult today to write this in my jammies at the ungodly hour of 9 a.m., by which time I normally would have done an hour-long workout, meditated, read my affirmations, made and cleaned up breakfast, strategized my day, and had a call with my accountability partner. Yup, writing in my jammies with a cup of tea feels pretty darned good, and allows my body that time to recouperate and recharge after the week I’ve had. I might even have a “napitation” this afternoon — what luxury! And I bet that the work I do today and the rest of the week will be so much better with my energy revitalized! Perhaps I can even get my friend to stop for a cup of tea and a breath!

How do YOU recharge your batteries?

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