Stress 911 Kit

I’m thinking of changing my life focus.  I started learning about stress because I was under stress.  I learned so many great stress-reduction strategies that people started calling me a “Stress Expert.” I prefer the term “Stress Survivor.”  In any case, it appears that God or the Universe, or whatever you think of as our higher power, has decided that He will give me more and more and even MORE experience with stress, so that I get reeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyy good at it. 

 So maybe, just maybe, I’ll become the Queen of Bliss instead; or a luxury sheet tester; or spa reviewer; or a tropical resort shopper.  You get the idea.  I know that what we focus on expands, so I may have to do some rejigging here!

In the meantime, I’m gathering a Stress 911 Kit together.  It’s one of those “In case of emergency, break glass” deals.  Because when I am under extreme stress, my  brain shut down.  I stop thinking, and start FEELING – sadness, overwhelm, desperation, helplessness, depression, to name just a few.  The “Poor Me” or “Why Me” syndrome sets in, and it’s like a weight on my chest, in my attitude, in my speech, and especially in my thoughts.

But yesterday I broke that cycle so easily!  I was driving, and yes crying, and I put on a CD by Louise Hay.  It only took a few minutes for my entire mood to shift back to optimism, possibilities, positivity.  If only I had thought of that a few hours earlier, I would never have gotten so low in the first place.  As she says on the CD, if we change our thoughts, we change our future.  I would add, we change our present state as well. My favourite new affirmation from her CD – “I am open and receptive to all good.”

So here’s my Stress 911 Kit – these are the things I need to have in a bright box for when intense stress strikes.  Or as Julie Andrews sings, “these are a few of my favourite things.” I recommend this order as well.

  1. Water & Protein. Our brains simply work better when we have them, and in crisis we forget. So I’ll put in a package of almonds and a pretty water glass to remind me.
  2. Stress Herbs; Vital Elements from John Gray has Lithium Orotate, a very calming herb.
  3. Positive CDs – Louise Hay “Receiving Prosperity” worked for me yesterday.  
  4. Aromatherapy – Saje Stress Release spray and roll-on, Young Living Peace & Calm for my diffusers
  5. Calming Beverages – Aveda tea. White wine.  Maybe both.
  6. Bath salts – Saje Stress Release or Young Living essential oils
  7. “Call a Friend” card – a 3 x 5 card with the names and numbers of a few close friends who you can call anytime.  Yes, I know you have them memorized, but this card is a reminder.
  8. Favourite. I know napping is frowned upon at work, but when you can, curl up with a positive CD playing, and recharge.

I’d love to hear what YOU would put in YOUR Stress-911 box!

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