Stress Tip: Seeing Patterns? Look for Resistance

I realized yesterday that, once again, I am the source of much of the stress in my life. Ouch. For example, I received a voicemail from Revenue Canada about a delinquent corporate tax debt. Instant stress! Bottom line is that I was totally offloading responsibility for all Revenue Canada correspondence and payments to my accountant, even though we have prior experience of a former accountant not fulfilling her duties in this regard.  Rather than taking charge to ensure this never happens again, I happily relinquished responsibility once again, almost ensuring it would happen! Ergo self-induced stress occurred when the inevitable Revenue Canada phone call came.

Another example of self-induced stress happened yesterday while clothes shopping. The reason I had to go shopping is that I gave away all my fat clothes when I lost 30 lbs last year. Unfortunately many of those lbs have come back to roost, which led to me standing in the clothing store feeling, you guessed it, huge stress (won’t get into the self-loathing right now).  Rather than sticking with the diet and exercise regimens that helped me lose the weight and get healthy, I had instead re-embraced a coach potato lifestyle, almost ensuring that the weight would creep back up again.

So what’s the lesson here? Why do I keep repeating self-destructive habits? And more importantly, how can I change the pattern without inflicting debilitating self-blame, and move forward with confidence in my ability to make different choices in the future?

Wow, as I typed that I realized that I already wrote a chapter in a best-selling book about this!  After re-reading my chapter in “The Success Secret,” I realize that I am resisting change- both physical and financial. I have been allowing my patterns and habits to guide me back into my ruts. And although I was taking 100% responsibility for my choices, I was getting paralyzed by self-blame, preventing me from making different choices.

My lesson is to recognize the patterns in my life, release the need for resistance and give myself permission to make better choices. That doesn’t mean all my choices will be perfect, but that I will make more good choices than bad, and bust out of my self-imposed ruts and routines to create the life of my dreams.

What patterns are showing up in YOUR life? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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